Mr. Glover On Arsenio Hall

Images from the Appearance

From "My Poisoned Wife"-

Crispin appeared in 1991, plugging his new movie "Little Noises." It was an OK appearance with its high and low moments. At times Crispin seemed to ramble on and go nowhere, but there were some really great moments as well. One of these was when Arsenio asked Crispin about his "kicking" appearance on Letterman's show. They chatted a little while about that and then Arsenio pretended to kick Crispin in the head a couple times. They also talked about Crispin's apartment. Arsenio had heard it described as "Dracula's Bachelor Pad," with everything being dark and gothic. Crispin said that yes, at one time it was like that but now (at the time of the appearance anyway) he had painted the walls and ceiling gold as well as generally brightening up the place.


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