The Big Problem [does not equal] the Solution. The Solution = Let it Be



CD Review





Women are sweet
And girls are honey
But beat your meat
And save your money


I'm an automanipulater
I play with myself
I'm a masterbater

I strut on by the corner whore
And walk into the grocery store
These slick pages of their magazine
Are accopanied by their vasallen
The lubrication
Is for masterbation
It's high time for a celebration
I'm feeling proud of my slab of meat
I get into the groove
I feel the beat
I'm up against the porcaline of the sink
My things are getting funny
I start to blink
My mom comes she says are you asleep?
I freexe I don't utter a single peep


I get back to the groove
I feel the beat
My mouth starts to stutter
I feel the heat
The fine clean girl at the beverly center
Is looking real good in her tight fitting sweater
The shiny material of her slacks
Are getting to me
Ok, Relax
I drop a Jackson bill for the looker
She bends herself over like a high class hooker
My face be a strainin'
I just can stop
I'm gritting my teeth
I'ma ready to pop


[Lounge style]

I look into the ceiling
I see what I know
That feeling is reeling
I think there's a glow
I see everything so clear
I don't really know what I'm doing here

I close the bathroom door
I be looking so cool
My mama don't know I've been touching my tool


Ima so happy that I be a man
Cause I got the whole world in my hands
I got the whole world in my hands
I'm a happy that I be a man.


See it hear it move it feel it steal it deal it
Feel the - groove
So smooth

Getting out of bed

Sheer nervousness balances the door shut
Back and forth in the hut

Where is my.....

And the voice on the machine for the telephone


Is dad
I've been had
I've been had
I've been had had had had had had had

All the nervousness is in my sheets
Where is my concubine
It's just been released
Where is my concubine

Where is my shrine to me
From my concubine
Where is my shrine to me
From my concubine
Or even three

[Spoken words - Unclear]

Where is my concubine
Where where where is my concubine
Where is my my my my concubine

Am I Don Johnson or Swanson and Swanson?
These sheets are heavy
The races must form an alliance
Where is my concubine
Nervousness is fine
The sheets must be lifted careful
From ends of the corners
Evenly to smooth and curdial
This nervousness is virgenal

Where is my concubine?
If there was just some lubrication.

The New Clean Song

Yesterday I had my birthday
Everyone wished me good luck
So I got up on the table

When I came back home
Everyone had left
Messages on my machine
I felt very clean
I felt very clean

I erased the messages on my machine
And the tape was clean
And the tape was clean

Then I made a telephone call
And I was mean
So I appologised
I felt obsene
I felt obsene

I brushed my teeth
The sink was dirty underneath
I could smell it
You could tell it
I saw my face in the mirror
I sprayed it and it was clearer
My expression showed smell
My expression showed smell

I went to the bedroom
And I fell asleep
In my dreams I was a creep
In my dreams I was a creep

And when I awoke
The first think I spoke was clean
I fired my assosiates and started anew

Clowny Clown Clown

I walking on the ground
I didn't make a sound
Then I turned around
And I saw a clown
Had a frown
Stood on a mound
Started barking like a hound

When I came to and I found
He showed me something that was round
So we became great friends
And late in life he got sick

I gave him some soup
But he got worse
And asked for its purse
It got it but it was empty
So it cried apleanty
I wondered what to do
I didn't know what to think
So I got a drink
And then I showed it something that was round
And it died, smiled, fell on the ground

Thinking back about those days with the clown
I get teary eyed
And really snide
I think that deep down I hated that clown
But not as much as Mr. Farr
I'm gonna go smoke a cigar

I was walking on the ground
I didn't make a sound
And then I turned around
I saw a clown
Clown, Clown
Clowny Clown clown
I hate you clown
With your ugly frown
Smiley lips
Think I'll clip you across the nose, clown
Want this cigar?
It'll get you real far
Like Mr. Farr - Get it?
Mr. Farr
Clown... Clown...
See what a cigar'll do?
Clown... Ugly clown...

Never say never to always
(manson cover)

Always is always forever
Is one is one is one
Inside yourself or your father
All is love, all is none, none is one
Kindly fall back from behind you
The illusion has been just a dream
The valley of death cannot find you
sunshine be
So bring all of your imperfection
For there I will surely be
fear of hunger
You can see
You can see
You can see



Cd, Cd. I hear it was also vinal, but hearsay is nothing.
Very odd if I do say so myself, it was..
I have a promotional poster - A picture of one at least - that I would like to show you....