Appearance on Dennis Miller Live


From "My Poisoned Wife"-

I am not sure of the exact date of his appearance. He was plugging "Rubin & Ed", so it was around the 1991 area. His appearance was slightly more "clean cut" than his other notable late night appearance.

When he came out he first read from "What It Is and How It Is Done". Quite a stirring and memorable performance, to say the least.Mr. Miller made the comment of how he would like to see that done in the Grand Old Opry and then watch the front row during the performance. After the reading he did the usual "chat and plug" with Dennis. He briefly mentioned his book tour and showed a clip from "Rubin & Ed". At one point during the interview, a member of the audience shouted something along the lines of "karate kick", an obvious reference to his "encounter" with David. I will attempt to transcribe the complete interview for future posting.



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