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If it's What Is It? ye be wanting, check the Creations Page. It will be there soon anyway.


Willard (2003)

Quite a bit of hype over this remake of the 1971 film of the same name. Its based on the novel "The Ratman Notebooks.". I've found that my website has doubled it's visits since the comercials started. I think this was a good move by Mr. Glover. A main-stream picture. Not his usual, but, jeeze, he's going to triple, dare I say, quadruple his fan base.

Yahoo Review
A good page, with a good summary of the movie.

Horror Movie Mania
Smallish. Nothing interesting, really.

A page of pictures of one of the actors in Willard.. Has a picture of Mr. Glover! And the lead rat.


Spun (2003)

It was rumored Mr. Glover would be in this, but it seems like he isn't.

Yahoo Review

Has a trailer of the movie.


Charlie's Angels II (2003)

Like Mike (2002)

Little Bow Wow, the pint sized rapper, plays not himself, but a little orphan boy. Mr. Glover is .... Dun duh dun! The orphanage head person or whatever... Yeah. I couldn't bring myself to see this one. I'm guessing this is a money maker for Crispin, or he's getting really desperate for work. (I love the man, but I'm not deranged.)

"Putting Crispin Glover in a children's film is like casting the sock puppet as Napoleon. One is never quite sure whether Glover is going to deliver his next line or try to kick someone in the head."

- mrcranky

I couldn't put it better myself.

Fast Sofa (2001)

Crispin Glover plays Jules, a hitchhiker and social misfit who has spent most of his life in a place called the 'Castle of Birds' pondering the problem of deforestation. It seems to be independent film, but Mr. Glover didn't get the lead in this one. On the up side, it does seem to have a fairly well known cast- apparently one of the actors was in 'Starship Troopers". Fast Sofa's based Bruce Craven's first novel and I would describe it as somewhere along the lines of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and a porno, pick one, any will do.'s page

Festival Opens with Fast Sofa
Pasadena, June 14, 2001.

Review of the novel
Contains what I consider a spoiler at the end, even though I haven't seen the movie.


Bartleby (2001)-

It showed at the Seattle film festival, among others film festivals, and I had the opportunity to see it, but, long story short, I was violently, violently ill. All better now, but I did miss the film. All right, to the film-
Based on Herman Mellville's story "Bartleby the Scrivener," Crispin as title character is an office worker who "prefers not to" work. He gets fired but won't leave. Not a big hit with the critics from what I've read.

Official Site
Site's all shockwave and took a while for me to load, but it's worth it.

Copy of "Bartleby the Scrivener"
With annotations

Review from

Review from
Say's nice things about Glover, then absolutely bashes the film.

Review from
Goes right for the film bashing
I found it really odd Blockbuster (the video rental place) had info on Bartleby.


The Beaver Trilogy (2001/1985)

Actually it's a redo of the Orkly kid. It's been reported as his favorite role. There's a very interesting story as to how this film came to be- visit one of the sites.

Trent Harris
Director of the film's site. Has info on it.
Article explaining the origin of "The Orkly Kid."


Charlie's Angels (2000)

A good movie considering its based on a TV show. Glover played "The Thin Man" but probably because "The Taciturn, Smoking British Looking Thin Man" would have been too long for the credits. Absolutely not one word leaves his mouth, which is oddly appropriate for reasons I don't feel like listing. It was a good appearance for him thought not his usual indie film fare. My personal theory was he did it for publicity to help him with What is it?

Nurse Betty (2000)

People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

Dead Man (1995)

Chasers (1994)

"Hotel Room" (1993) TV series

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993)

Ferdydurke (1992)

The Doors (1992)

Little Noises (1991)


Rubin and Ed (1991)

Trent Harris
Director of the film's site. Has info on it.

Good site on R+E. Has some very nice pictures.


Where the Heart Is (1990)

Wild At Heart (1990)

Crime and Punishment(1989)
Also called Schuld und Suhne

Back to the Future II (1989)

Twister (1988)

River's Edge (1986)

At Close Range (1986)

The Orkly Kid (1985)

Back To the Future (1985)

Teachers (1984)

Racing With the Moon (1984)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter IV (1984)

My Tutor (1983)

High School USA (1983) TV

Kid with the 200 IQ (1983) TV

Private Lessons(1981)