Crispin's Post Kicking Appearance


From "My Poisoned Wife"-

This was very interesting. Not only did Crispin come up with some wacky story explaining why he tried to kick David, but David just went nuts with his insults. When Crispin first came out David wanted to talk about his previous appearance in which he tried to kick him in the head. Crispin said that he thought that wouldn't be a good idea since they won't want to stop talking about it and he wouldn't get to his album(which he was promoting at the time).

David really wanted to know, so Crispin told his little story. He said that the person that tried to kick David was an imposter, Rubin Farr. He told of how he first meet Rubin on a field trip. Crispin was looking at an eclipse with his bare eyes and then when he looked away he saw Rubin. All of his classmates were amazed by how much they looked like each other. I think he said how something went bad with their relationship and that is how they became enemies. So that is why Rubin tried to kick David, because he was trying to make Crispin look bad. David didn't seem too amused and said that Crispin was right in thinking about how they should've talked about something else.

They then talked about "The Big Problem...". Crispin showed a clip from "Clowny Clown Clown", to which David replied, "You know, I thought that was going to be stupid, but it...wasn't", in his oh so Lettermanesque tone. I should really try to get this appearance transcribed, it had some very nice dialogue(even though most of David's were insults).

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