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Volcanic Eruptions : Crispin Glover's publishing company's page


The CHG resource center : impressive amount of information, and some lovely pictures.

Witness: has a particullarly nice film database, amoung other nice things.

Mr. Density: site for the discontinued fanzine



Movie Page links-


Yahoo Movies

Rotten Tomatos



Articles and biographies-

Days of Rage and Confusion

BTTF Biography biography

Calgary Sun : Article

USA Today Article[Added 12/02]



Glover Floating Head

Box office data

The Creepy Kitchen with Crispin Glover

Ten Haiku for Crispin Glover: Very cool...

Mr.T vs Crispin Glover [Added 12/02] Freaking Awesome. Looks like they spent quite some time on the graphics and know quite a bit about Mr. Glover.